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2% fees on top of payment processor fees

We’re not in business to rip off the organisations that are fighting for a better world.

So we keep our costs simple.

  1. We charge 2% of the donation value to keep our service alive.
  2. You pay Stripe’s incredibly low fees directly.

Your money is your money

You — and your fundraisers — have worked hard to get donations for your campaigns.

Why should we make interest on it when you need access to the funds to save the world?

By using your Stripe account to process payments, all contributions received to your Fundrazy campaign are deposited to your bank typically within 7 days.

Your data is your data

We understand that you’ve worked hard to grow the supporters you have. Dedicated donors are your organisation’s lifeblood…

Why should you have to pay to get access to contact them?

Fundrazy makes your supporter data available to you — on demand, free of charge.